ABMS Poster Presentation Guidelines

  1. Maximum poster size is 42" high x 90" wide.
  2. All ABMS Poster Presenters are required to complete an ABMS disclosure form and publish disclosure information on the poster. 
  3. All ABMS Poster Presenters will bring their posters to ABMS Conference 2018. The ABMS Conference staff will not receive posters mailed to the site. 
  4. Detailed set-up instructions and final poster session logistics will be included in acceptance communications. 
  5. While first authors typically present to conference attendees, ABMS will allow other published authors to present. 
  6. Recording by any means (audiotaping, videotaping) of any presentation/session is prohibited except by an ABMS authorized agent or by first author(s) who wish to record their own presentation. 
  7. Presenters may use an iPad or tablet to facilitate their presentation, but it cannot be used in lieu of a printed poster. 

Additional Information and Questions

Please contact posters@abms.org