Poster Session (2018)

2018 Poster Titles (with slides where available)

Board Certification and Continuing Certification

A Qualitative Case Study of the Perceived Impact that the MOC Process is Having on the Personal Well-Being of Community Physicians
Tenet Healthcare
Sherine Lazarow, EdD, MBA

ABMGG’s CertLink Pilot Program: The First 6 Months [PDF]
American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Cecily P. Marroquin, MA, Miriam G. Blitzer, PhD, Molly Yanchulis

ABMS Member Boards’ Commitment to Addressing Opioid Misuse and Abuse through Continuing Certification Programs [PDF]
American Board of Medical Specialties
Tom Granatir, Mira Irons, MD, David Price, MD, FAAFP, FACEHP

ABNM CertLink Soft Launch Conclusion
American Board of Nuclear Medicine
Patrick Murphy, BS, RT(R)(CT), Maria Watts, MBA

Advancing Alignment of Physician Well-Being Initiatives with Continuing Certification Programs
American Board of Medical Specialties
Mira Irons, MD

Amplifying ECHO: One Institution’s Method for Offering CME and MOC II for Statewide Project ECHO
Oregon Health and Science University
Christine Flores, MPH, Maggie McLain McDonnell, MPH, Nels Carlson, MD

Building Physician Competencies in Lifestyle Medicine: The Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies Online Program
American College of Preventive Medicine
Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, FACPM, Danielle Pere, MPM

CASPer: A Low-Resource Non-cognitive Skills Assessment of Residency Program Applicants – Reliability, Feasibility, and Acceptability [PDF]
McMaster University
Kelly Dore, PhD, Harold Reiter, MD

CertLink: A Quality Improvement Project for ABPMR Maintenance of Certification [PDF]
American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
James A. Sliwa, DO, Anthony E. Chiodo, MD, Lawrence R. Robinson, MD, Carolyn L. Kinney, MD, Mikaela Raddatz, PhD, Kim J. Van Brunt, BA

Clinical Staff and Resident Perception of Patient Safety Engagement [PDF]
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Karen Johnson, MEd.

Comparison of Faculty and Resident Intra‐operative Performance Ratings of Supervision and Performance: Are All Steps Equal? [PDF]
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Anjali Wagle BS, Herbert Chen MD, John Porterfield MD, Thomas Wang MD, Erin P Buczek MD, Brenessa Lindeman, MD MEHP

Evaluating Potential Assessment Content and Credential Maintenance Renewal based on Evidence [PDF]
National Board for Respiratory Care
Robert Shaw, PhD

Gender Bias in Oral Specialty Board Certification Examination [PDF]
American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Carolyn L. Kinney, MD, Sherilyn W. Driscoll, MD, Mikaela Raddatz, PhD, Karen Kilpatrick, Kim Van Brunt, Lawrence Robinson, MD

Gendered Experiences Studying for Recertification Exams
American Board of Family Medicine
Aimee R. Eden, PhD, MPH, Elizabeth R. Hansen, BS, Elizabeth Bernabeo, MPH

How Do Your CME Evaluations Measure Up? Shifting the Focus from Program Evaluation to Learner Outcomes [PDF]
University of Virginia
Kathleen Bunch Meneses, MS, Andrea Zimmerman, EdD, Elizabeth K. Patterson, MEd, Eva Casola, MBA

Increasing Our Slugging Percentage: Getting More Bases for Each CPD at Bat
Oregon Health and Science University
Nels Carlson, MD, Elizabeth Crabtree, PhD, MPH, Christine Flores, MPH

Integration of Cultural Competence into Continuing Medical Education 
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
Cynthia Juarez, MSc, MA, Jessica Calderon-Mora, DrPH, Koko Aung, MD, MPH

It Wasn't That Bad”: Differences in Applicant Perceptions Before and After Taking CASPer [PDF]
Altus Assessments
Harold Reiter, MD, Josh Morrow

It’s a Small World, ACGME International’s Peer-Review Process for GME [PDF]
ACGME International 
Lorraine Lewis, EdD, Susan Day, MD

Joy in Medicine: Leveraging Measurement and Practice Transformation to Reduce Clinician Burnout
American Medical Association
Allison Winkler, MPH, Marie Brown, MD

Leveraging Technology to Deliver a Relevant, Customized Assessment [PDF]
American Board of Medical Specialties
Kyle Miller, Nicole Kendall

Longitudinal Assessment Programs of the ABMS Boards Using the CertLink Infrastructure [PDF]
American Board of Medical Specialties
Institutional Submission from the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Boards of Colon and Rectal Surgery, Dermatology, Medical Genetics and Genomics, Nuclear Medicine, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Pathology, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Mayo Clinic Manages MOC Self-Assessment Growth [PDF]
Mayo Clinic
Peggy Paulson, MS, Barbara Baasch Thomas, RN, MA

Partners for Progress: Leveraging ABMS Academic Affairs Services (Relationships) to Improve Communication, Customer Service and Expertise in Member Boards’ Certification Programs [PDF]
American Board of Medical Specialties
Sara Dakin, Susie Flynn

“That was pretty powerful”: Physicians Describe How Preparing for MOC Exams Can Improve Patient Care [PDF]
American Board of Internal Medicine
Benjamin Chesluk, PhD, Bradley Gray, PhD

The Gastroenterology Learner Pathway in IBD: An Outcomes-based Iterative Approach to IBD Education [PDF]
RMEI Medical Education, LLC
Jacqui Brooks, MBBCh, MRCPsych, Steven Haimowitz, MD, David M. Clausen, CHCP

The Role of Continuing Education in Addressing the National Opioid Crisis: The SCOPE of Pain Program Experience [PDF]
Boston University School of Medicine
Daniel P. Alford, MD, MPH, Suzanne Murray, Joanna Krause, MPH, Sophie Peloquin, Iiana Hardesty, BA, Patrice Lazure, MSc, Julie L. White, MS

Using Longitudinal Databases for Performance Assessment and Program Improvement [PDF]
Oregon Health and Science University
Patricia A. Carney, PhD, Mark Friedberg, MD, MPP, Paul E. Mazmanian, PhD, David W. Price, MD, FAAFP, FACEHP

Health Policy and Research

Rekindling the Culture of Bedside Medicine: A Novel Methodology to Assess and Teach Physical Examination Skills [PDF]
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Brian T. Garibaldi, Timothy Niessen, Yi Zhen Joan Lee, Bennett Clark, Sanjay Desai

Characteristics of Family Medicine Residency Graduates, 1993-2016
American Board of Family Medicine
Mingliang Dai, PhD, Lars Peterson, MD

Measuring Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) in a High Volume Trauma Clinic in Pelvis and Acetabular Fracture Patients Using PROMIS® CAT: A Preliminary Study [PDF]
University of Washington
Amy M. Cizik, PhD, MPH

The Effect of Anti-MOC Legislation on the Enrollment of the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Program [PDF]
The American Board of Anesthesiology
Huaping Sun, PhD, Diana L. Davidson, BS, Ann Harman, PhD


Organizational Solution for Renewal of Certification Programs [PDF]
American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Jeffrey A. Dean, DDS, MSD, CAE, Josh Osako

Brave New Portal: An Overview of ABMGG’s Portal Redesign Project
American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Cecily P. Marroquin, MA, Miriam G. Blitzer, PhD

Quality Improvement

3D Screen-Based Simulation: A Journey in Transforming Continuing Education in Anesthesiology
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Steven Houg, BS, Michelle Michelotti, MHA, Elizabeth Lepkowski, MATD

ACC Post-PCI Bleeding Risk Pilot Study: Our Journey into Quality and Practice Improvement [PDF]
American College of Cardiology
Akua G. Asare, MD, Maria C. Ortiz, CHCP

Assessing Qualitative Data in Quality Improvement Initiatives
Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association 
Mary A. Ales, FACEHP, Cheri L. Olson, MD, Pam Kittleson, RPh, Kate Nisbet, MBA

Growing A Culture of Quality Through Education: Development of a QI Hub and the Improvement Leadership Academy [PDF]
Boston Medical Center
David Yuh, MD, Lauren Betancourt, MPH, Emily Jansen, MPH, David Pingree, James Moses, MD, MPH

“Do One Thing” (DOT) Design Approach Supports Well Being in Part IV MOC
Aurora Health Care
Deborah Simpson, PhD, Kathryn Denson, MD, Kristin Ouweneel, Theresa Frederick, Edmund Duthie Jr., MD, Steven Denson, MD, Judith M. Myers, MA

Impact of Restructuring MOC Component 4 in Dermatology: Physician-reported outcomes resulting from the ABD Focused Practice Improvement Modules [PDF]
American Board of Dermatology
Erik J. Stratman, MD, Stanley Miller, MD, Tammie Ferringer, MD, Elysia McGowan, Thomas Horn, MD

Improving Oral Health Screening and Dental Fluoride Varnish Application in a Primary Care Pediatric Practice [PDF]
Michigan State University
Sathyanarayan Sudhanthar, MD, MPH, Jillian Lapinski, MD, Jane Turner, MD, Yakov Sigai, MD, Jonathan Gold, MD, Kripa Thakur, MD, Olga Napolova, MD, Chioma Okeafor, MD, Bradley Hoopingarner, MD

Improving Pediatric Emergency Department Throughout: One Chest X-ray at a Time [PDF]
Comer Childrens Hospital
Patrick Dolan, MD, Nina Mbadiwe, MD, Lauren Hager, MD, Marielle Kulling, DO, H. Barrett Fromme, MD

Individualized Surgeon Report Cards as a Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Incident Arteriovenous Fistula Rates: An Improving Wisely Campaign
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Caitlin W. Hicks MD, MS, Peiqi Wang MD, MPH, Susan Hutfless PhD, Ying W. Lum MD, MPH, James H. Black III MD, Martin A. Makary MD, MPH

Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Accreditation as a Mechanism to Assess and Improve Quality [PDF]
Intersocietal Accreditation Commission 
Mary Lally, MS, CAE, Mary Beth Farrell, MS, CNMT, Frank Vermeiren, MS, RT(R)(CV), RDCS

Patient-Reported Outcomes via Telehealth to Reduce Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalization Post-chemotherapy in a Veteran Population
Dayton VA Medical Center
Amit Bansal, MD, Piyush Patel, MD, Amanda Bilko, MD, Geetika Kumar, MD

Reliable Measure Exchange Is Not Easy: The Trial of Aggregate Data Exchange for Maintenance of certification and Raising Quality (TRADEMaRQ) Study [PDF]
American Board of Family Medicine
Robert L. Phillips Jr., MD, MSPH, Lars Peterson, MD, PhD, Bo Fang, PhD, Ted E. Palen, PhD, MD, Scott A. Fields, MD, MHA, Michael L. Parchman, MD, MPH, John Johannides, PMP

Supervision of Learners in QI Projects Across the Continuum [PDF]
University of California, San Francisco
Jeffrey Tabas, MD, Glenn Rosenbluth, MD,  Edgar Pierluissi, MD, Joey Bernal, MA, Anna Chang, MD, Tymothi Peters,  Sandrijn van Schaik, MD, PhD, Robert Baron, MD, MS

The State of National Medical and Professional Society Quality Improvement Programs [PDF]
Stephen L. Davidow, MBA-HCM, CPHQ, APR

Using an Online Clinical Process Support System for Quality Improvement and MOC-4: Impact on Asthma Outcomes - Fewer Exacerbations and Visits [PDF]
Center for Promotion of Child Development through Primary Care
Raymond Sturner, MD, Barbara Howard, MD, Genevieve Vullo, MHA, Paul Bergmann, MA, Sande Okelo, MD

Videotaping Traumas: Reducing Variation in IV Fluid Administration [PDF]
Comer Childrens Hospital
Patrick Dolan, MD, Michelle Harris-Rosado, RN, BSN, Lea Finkel, MD, Joseph Lee, MD, Mark Slidell, MD