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Submit a Poster for ABMS Conference 2019

The ABMS Conference 2019 program planning committee seeks posters that advance best practices in the assessment of physicians' knowledge, competence, and performance across the board certification spectrum.

ABMS invites its Member Boards and health care professionals working in assessment and evaluation, patient advocacy, continuing professional development, board certification operations, quality improvement, health policy and research, and patient safety to submit posters for presentation at ABMS Conference 2019. This is an excellent opportunity to disseminate and discuss your innovative work and strategies that support the value of board certification to physicians and all stakeholders of the certification community.


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About the American Board of Medical Specialties

The American Board of Medical Specialties collaborates with 24 Specialty Member Boards to maintain the standards for Board Certification. ABMS focuses on improving the quality of health care for patients, families and communities.

About ABMS Conference 2019

ABMS Conference 2019: Innovations in Assessment, Learning and Improvement will attract more than 500 health care professionals, including key leaders and stakeholders from across the health care continuum. The innovations you share will help accelerate the next generation of board certification practices.

When: September 23–25, 2019
Where: JW Marriott, Chicago

Suggested Content Areas

Posters may feature original or previously presented research, findings, and best practices that meet the continuing professional development needs of conference attendees. Posters may support the following suggested content areas, but all submissions that support the advancement of board certification will be considered.

Innovative Methodologies to Support the Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation of Physician Competence

  • Portfolio-based Assessments

  • Competency-based assessments

  • Patient-reported Outcomes

  • Peer Review and Feedback Strategies

  • Simulation and Direct Observation

  • Longitudinal Assessment Programs (LAPs)

  • Performance Standard-setting Methodologies

  • Innovation in Programmatic Design Elements

  • Summative Decisions: Evaluation on an Effectiveness of LAPs

  • Research Design Elements to Support LAP Outcomes Research

  • International Revalidation Methodologies

  • Journal-article-based Assessments

  • Advances in Specialty Medicine Assessment

  • Novel Approaches and Innovations for Initial Certification

  • Innovative Approaches to Assessing Professionalism

  • Engaging the Public Voice to Improve the Delivery of Care

  • Best Practices and Innovations for Initial Certification

  • Alignment with Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), ACGME Milestones, or other resident-assessment tracking systems

  • Ensuring training mirrors practice

  • Collaborative assessment approaches with Residency Training Programs

Competency-based Continuing Professional Development Across the Certification System

  • Self-directed Learning Plans: e-Portfolio (Platforms and Pathways)

  • Workplace-based Assessments

  • Value-based Care: Quality, Performance and Outcomes Measures

  • Value Proposition of CPD Accreditation Systems

  • Team-based Care Assessments

  • Professionalism and Physician Well-being Assessments

  • Assessing Leadership Competencies

Optimizing Best Practice in Board Certification Operations

  • Diplomate Engagement and Feedback Strategies

  • Consumer and Patient Engagement Strategies

  • Leveraging Public Policy and Advocacy Strategies

  • Communications and Marketing Best Practices

  • Evaluation of Continuing Certification Programs and Processes: Commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

  • Effective Partners in the Continuing Certification System

  • Best Practices for Board Certification Operations and Human Resources

Quality, Performance and Patient Outcomes Metrics Leveraged through Board Certification

  • Impact of the ABMS Portfolio Program on Quality and Patient Outcomes

  • Research and Education Foundation

  • Practice Improvement: Methods and Strategies

The Impact of Data and Analytics on Board Certification

  • Big Data and Health Information IT Impact on Board Certification

  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Certification Programs

  • Data Analytics to Inform Certification Outcomes

  • Data Strategies to Support the Value of Continuing Certification Programs

Submission Guidelines

One author for each accepted poster is required to attend the ABMS Conference 2019 Poster Session on September 23, 2019. The first author (submitter) will be responsible for communicating all ABMS poster presentation guidelines and requirements to additional authors/presenters. Presenting author(s) must register at the current registration rate to ABMS Conference 2019 (early bird registration opens in June 2019 and closes on July 31). There is no limit to the number of posters one author may submit for consideration.

Posters will range from 800 to 1,000 words (title, and author names, affiliations, and disclosure information are not included in word counts).

  • Title

  • Authors

  • Background

  • Objectives

  • Methods

  • Results

  • Literature References

  • Conclusions/Discussion

Poster Presentation Guidelines

  1. Maximum poster size is 40" high x 36" wide.

  2. Poster author names will be listed in the order in which they will appear in the submission form.

  3. Authors’ professional affiliations must be included on all posters.

  4. All ABMS poster presenters are required to complete an ABMS disclosure form and publish disclosure information on the poster.

  5. All ABMS poster presenters will bring their posters to ABMS Conference 2019. The ABMS Conference staff will not receive posters mailed to the conference site.

  6. Detailed set-up instructions and final poster session logistics will be included in acceptance communications.

  7. While first authors typically present to ABMS Conference attendees, ABMS will allow other published authors to present.

  8. Recording by any means (audiotaping, videotaping) of any presentation/session is prohibited except by an ABMS authorized agent or by first author(s) who wish to record their own presentation.

  9. Presenters may use an iPad or tablet to facilitate their presentation, but it cannot be used in lieu of a printed poster.

Submission Deadline

June 16, 2019 11:59 PM ET