Take Your Engagement to the Next Level:
Be a Conference Volunteer!

As a volunteer, you'll play an important role in making the ABMS Conference a positive and meaningful experience for everyone. This year, there will be plenty of opportunities to assist with registration, poster and exhibitor session setup, room monitoring, and directional guidance.

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities


Ambassadors are the face of the conference and are responsible for welcoming attendees.

Duties of this role include:

  • Check in attendees

  • Distribute registration materials (i.e., badges and gift bags)

  • Answer questions related to the conference

  • Become familiar with the conference schedules, room locations, and restrooms.

Session Managers

Session Managers arrive five minutes prior to the start of session to ensure that all materials needed for session are ready and available.

Duties of this role include:

  • Introduce the session and speakers

  • Complete a brief survey (attendance, issues and quality)

  • Contact a Planning Committee member if issues arise

  • Remove papers and trash before and after the session


Wayfinders will have knowledge of the facilities and direct attendees to the correct places (e.g., registrations, sessions, restrooms, etc.). Wayfinders will welcome attendees to plenary sessions, Lunch with Exhibitors, and the Poster and Exhibitor Session. They will also pass out exhibitor passports as needed.

Staging Crew

The Staging Crew will assist with setup and breakdown of select meeting rooms.

The Staging Crew will also provide materials to poster presenters during poster set-up and move poster boards to a designated location following the poster and exhibitor session. 

For more on the available roles and sign-up, please click the button below. If you have any questions, please email volunteers@abms.org.